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DAY 104






     What’s the chance that I get out of rehab on my favorite number? Also I’m clean for 104 days. like I said today I got out of rehab. It’s kind of bittersweet, but I’m glad I’m leaving. The tradition is when you get out you have to do a coin out which is something that everyone has to do if they want. 

     A Coin out is where you sit in the middle on a chair and everyone else sits in a circle around you and they are supposed to say positive, inspiring things towards you. I expected to cry, but I only teared up. When there is a few people that actually said meaningful things.

It’s crazy when you live your life around 30 men for 90 days. You kinda get attached to the ones you don’t like but you get extremely attached to the ones you actually liked. Like I said it’s bittersweet. 

     The ones that actually said meaningful things gave me advice about my future. One person says I need to take time before I react to things which if you know me, it’s true another said that I am the only one that can control my emotions and my feelings and I should’ve let other people dictate how I feel , and the last one which was my roommate, he said something very powerful. He said he noticed how much I persevered how much I stay true to myself, and that I am super brave in the aspect.

     My mom and Andrew pick me up around 1030 and it was really nice seeing them both. We went and dropped off my stuff, all the stuff I accumulated throughout the 90 days at SMA, back at the apartment, then reset for Daytona Beach to get all my stuff from my storage unit.

     The drive back was fine. I got to listen to music I liked but me and Andrew took turns every other song we stopped at a place called Whoopie, which is like a candy shop. I found these candies I eat in high school called squeeze, pops, and they taste disgusting. 

     When we got back to Daytona, Andrew picked up the Penske truck which is different from U-Haul because you know only lesbians get U-Haul‘s. Then we went to my mom‘s house so I can go to the bathroom see my nieces and nephews and my grandma then directly after we went to the storage unit Andrew tried to kill my mom. Period.

     I’m just kidding he didn’t try to kill my mom. But she overexerted herself and tried to load up this heavy hope chest that I have, and went to fast up the ramp backwards into the truck and top of from the top and fell on her back of course I was alarmed because I just saw my mom fall five feet. She at first couldn’t speak coherently, stand up, or move her right wrist. Eventually, Andrew got her to the bathroom where my sister finally showed up to help with more stuff.

     My sister called the paramedics which they took her to the closest AdventHealth and that’s why I left her. Me and Andrew then went to get food at my sister’s restaurant that she works at.  She works at a place called mulligans and it’s a nice place, but I hated it. It’s crazy how much my sister knows me because she instantly figured out why I wanted for food which is always chicken. Andrew played some music from the radio which the owner of the bar turned  the music off.

     After we got food, we were back on the road but this time to stop at Oakley‘s house. I had to drop off a throw blanket at me for rehab. I was super anxious to go to his house based on all my previous events there when I got there it was like walking back in time , he of course last week and he was still super friendly.

     The best part about visiting his house, but I got to see the dogs. Of course, only one of the dogs remembered me and I was my favorite one the other ones and barked at me and almost bit my nose off. I’m super glad that Oakley is doing fine though and that he has all the riffraff at his house .

     From trip from Oakley‘s house we went to my sisters, which was the 30 Something minute drive to Oakhill . Andrew was having things come back to him from his past memories while we were driving. It was super cute. We got to my sister house. Most of my furniture was destroyed or being used because she didn’t pack anything for me. It’s like she didn’t know I was getting out to rehab. I was going to check my moms house once more to see if there were any loose objects but she was in a lot of distress and gave me an attitude about going there. The trip home was nice. I got to enjoy time with Andrew and I really did enjoy it. He is something out of this world. Something warm and positive, a blessing. 

     Unfortunately, I did not make it to a NA meeting on my first night out of rehab due to the time crunch and missing it. Andrew and I unloaded the moving truck, but got too tired to finish. We got the bed in then parked the truck in a near by parking lot. Then we walked to Walgreens for some snacks and the old lady that worked there was very nice. It was a nice welcoming to the  neighborhood. It’s like I am starting a new life, which I am. I am so thankful for this. I am a character out of a book, from a horror story to a fairy tale. Me, the new starter. A new chapter and What a lucky one. 

     The night ended how I pictured and it was in the bed with the man that I love. Ya’ll can figure out what happened and use your imagination. That thing is going to be kept between him and I and no one else…well, unless you stick around and I make content. Oh, yeah I am not stopping that. That will help me get some money to help out until I get a job again. Which I will… I have to. This is a good beginning too a better, well made life. 

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