The Haven.

     I created these three female charcters while sitting on the bed of one of my exes. He was interested in magic and called himself a Wicca. He sparked the interest in that stuff and I never stopped after. The show Charmed had a big sway in how I wrote these three charcters: Duvessa, Nydia, and Belladona.

     With those three, The Curse of the Scott Sisters was born. Even though the first chapter I wrote was thrown away at first. My ex pulled it out of the trash bin telling me not to throw it away, that it had potential. I doubted him entirely because what measly story about three witch sisters would be anything but good.

     That was the runoff. It started, the story. Of course, these three charcters were not even the main ones. They did start the progress of me free writing an entire triology that spanned 11 years of writing. I started it in 2010 and finished 2021, right after the Covid quarentine. Is spent a lot of 2020 finishing the ending to the epic story. Leaving it open to have a spin off if I wanted to ever revisit the chacters I created over those years.

     They were not the only ones I made up through that time. The Haven has a sister story called Tragic Tale. The main story arch is about a female savior that needs to save the world of fairy tales. Ingrid Fitz goes from being a boring librarian in Mcgraw, New York to a half fairy that teams up with a group of literary charcters to save the world of magic of dark forces.

     I wrote that entire story in a year, along with the second addition to The Haven. I spent a year doing absoultely nothing but get high and write. It was a dark time in my life and my work reflects that period. The best part of these stories is that the characters go in between them, Ingrid meet Theo Yates, who is my main charcter for the supernatural story.

     I love all my chacrters and each one has a role in what I write. Some of them are spwans of people I have met. There are a few that are representations of the people that have wronged me. Yes, it is true. Writers do indeed name some charcters after others, and what I do is not in the norm. I will, and if you made my life a mess, kill you in a story. There…have what that means.

     Theo. Ingrid. My two children charcters that I will never want to give up. They are the ones that helped me though it when I had no one. Ingrid taught me that even though you have no one in life there is still a entire world that needs you. Theo taight me to be strong even if this world is giving it’s all to knock you down. But the charcter that means the most ot me is Mayflower.


     The one charcter that represented me to the core. Her arch in The Haven: Curse of the Scott Sisters is nothing but who I am. She starts off with a secret agenda and is as vile as the Wicked Witch of the West. Then when she loses her memory you will learn that she is a caring, down to earth, kind person who wants nothing but to be loved. She is the centerpiece of my book.

     Her fate in the second addition of her books are one that I wish I could rewrite, but sometimes you can not come back from what is written. I will never change her story line. It’s not that I don’t want to, because she is my favorite, but somethings have to happen; are meant to be coursed no matter how painful it is to make it happen.

     ou can guess what happens… Shush, I will not spoil my own book.

     After the show Pretty Little Liars ended I wanted a ending that was better. Something worth given. So, I came up with a great idea for a mystery story that follows something I am familar with, The Phantom of the Creek.

     The Phantom is the thing that I came up with. The make a gritty murder story with enough suspense. This was the first time that I did chapters with different character perspectives. You have no clue who did the deed, which was killing Shawn Miller. See, a spin on my own name, which I do quite alot.

     If you ever read a piece of work that I write and see the name Aiden. That is me. I am Aiden. That is the name I picked to be me. It originated from my club days. I was named Aiden Skye, and that has become my writing persona since then.

     It is 2023. I have nothing published. Nothing at all. I have been working on the same chapter for a year now, chapter 19: the crash. It is the chapter that is given me so much hassle. The Haven is a dark story that when I rewrite it I feel all those feelings when I wrote it back in 2010–2011.

     When I write I feel the memories and feelings of when I wrote it in the beginning. I recollect how I feel which brings me down. I stop writing. I sit there and dwell. I hate that feeling. But of course, I stopped writing because of my drug addiction.

     Now adays I sit and blog. I have two that I constantly add too.



     One is for the love letters to my ex. Pathetic, but it’s raw emotions that I need to get out. The second is just a daily blog that I started once I found out that I had HIV. Holiday In Vienna, HIV. PUNNY….

I hope that by the end of 2023 that I have something worth publishing. I need that for myself. I need to be in a good place to have something ready. I have friends that are published and I live through them. Because I know that the feeling of having something tangible is the goal. To feel good, the feeling of worth. Worthy.



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