my Writing journey pt 1

How I started to write in the first place. From the beginning to the stuff I am working on currently. This is part 1: From Chocolate Milk to Slashers and Princes.

     I have been writing since I was a teenager. The spark that influenced me to realize I was somewhat good at it. There was a talent there, a knack to write a story.

     The first thing that I can recall writing down was a who done it. The premise, from what I can remember because I do not have this on paper any more, was who stole the last chocolate milk. I wrote it after school while waiting on my mom to pick me up. From my memories, the story was pretty solid.

     Seventh grade was the next time I fiddled with the pencil. Give me a few years to dispose of the granite tool all together. A pen is my go to item to handwrite with, which I do everything first; hand write my stories.

     This paticular one was a fan fiction I created during science class. I was longing for my dad at the time of creating this and I also enjoyed Star Wars. When I was in middle school the fandom did not have high ranking, it was something that made you classified as a nerd. Not in a good way either.

     In the story I was pulled from myh mundane life as a boring student at Creekside Middle. I was instantly placed onto a Impereal Star Destroyer with the most iconic super villian of all time. Darth Vader. Yeah, this story is just as boring as I am making it out to be. Let’s skip to the part where I discuss my epiphany.

     Ninth grade. Library.

     I was sitting across my friend Veronica when I came up with the idea of wirting a short story for her. She had an assignment for English class which entailed her creating a short story and the theme was horror. Of course it was around Halloween when this assignment was given.

     That is when Phantom of the Creek was born. It orginated with only about twelve pages of pure gold, well red. The story was about my core group of friends being locked in the high school without a way to leave. The cherry on top was that there was a killer also roaming the halls plucking them off one by one.

     Of course I had to leave it open to a cliffhanger. There had to be some characters that survived the bloodbath. I, being one of the main charcters, got to live to tell the tale. Along with my three best friends at the time, they also got to live. Through the rewrites I allowed a few extra chracters to live, to make the next few installments into a series.

     As of right now there are eleven Phantom of the Creek stories, with two more inside my head to be fleshed out. I am eventually going to get them published, but I need the entire sega to flow. There are parts in the hand written copies that do not align with the new image I am going for. But, the story does stay to the orginal design, all of them do.

     While I dabbled in the horro genre while I was a teenager I also started in the fantasy. I was obsessed with the online role playing game Runescape from the end of middle school to the rest of high school. This created the entire fantasy world I created called Cedithia. The name was brought to be because I wanted to match the termology as the movie and book Bridge To Terabithia.

     The fantast story followed the lost prince of Rebid, Max. How generic, I named the main charcter of this story Max. He embarks on a journey from the village he spent his entire life. His mentor is a monk and they gather other unique characters along the way; a pirate name Olivia and a element crafter name Eli.

     The main villian in that story is one of my favorites that I created. He is ruthless and vain. His backstory is that of heart break and betrayl. I want to finish this story out, the first book is finished yet I want to go re do some of it. I wrote it when I was not even eighteen. To be honest, this was the first piece of work I completed back in 2010.

     That’s when the main story idea was created. The Haven.



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