Listen…Then Next Post

     Well, it's taking me a little longer to create the post I wanna make, Theres so much to type and write about in a post. How can i do that in one day?

     It drives` me crazy. I try and understand what I am being told then I will think about the issue. Once I have all the avanues in my mind I pick the one that is the safest. That is the most frustrating. I have been trying to work on the new post. Getting resources, talking to people about things, and just making sure what I post is authentic and real.


     It's been hours since I left off on second. I really do not have much to gather. I need to focus, and not on the mundane shit in my head but on my life. I need to get this ball rolling. I need to get things done. I need to conquer the mountain. What a small post...We will see what the holiday weekend will bring. I promise, I will have that post done, this will not be like another May 9th post where I promise the Part 2 that never comes...

I really do miss Savannah Bee chocolate honey...



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