Dead Wrong

     I have been in Port Orange for not even three days. THREE and all the people that I am meant to trust have let me down. My sister, My mother, my step father, my friends, and even the love of my life. They all think they are doing what is best for me, but do they even know what the best is?

     The best does not include working with who ever is out to get me. I am not a fool, nor am i a pawn in anyones game to be played. My doctor and Tucker tell me that I am not going to get arrested yet here I am, being followed to no end. I am not going to sit around and let them harrass me any longer.

     Eventually this will come to a close, This entire book will be over. I will be closing the hardcopver copy and then listen to all the gasp as i relive all this trauma that was placed upon me. No single person should have to feel like I have been feeling. No one should have to feel like they have no one to trust, not a single person.

     Let's start with the fact that ever since I got to Daytona Beach I have had eyes on me since i got off the greyhound. I thouight that this was all going to be over, that all the paranoia and stalking was done. I was wrong. I was dead wrong. I have been getting uber drivers that can speak english on the application yet in person they act as if they have never spoke a single word of english. How odd?

     My sister has broken my trust the most. She said she would never betray me, yet here i am. She is using words like "Icream Place" and "Party", those are drug words. She thinks she is slick,, but all in all; she is just one of Tucker's Merri-Men of Morons. They all all.

     Tucker has been in Port Orange since I got here. He has been staying at the neighbors house next to my mothers. My mom says that there is a child next door, yet I have yet to see them. The child is named Tuicker and he has the same voice that Tucker used when he pretended to be a charcter he made up named Darla. Yes, Darla was name after the girl from Finding Nemo.

     Tucker has been making fake Grindr accounts trying to get me to get T and parTy. I know your body, I knoew the freckles you have, i know what your feet look like. This is something that I will never forget. I will always know what you're body is shaped like, I am in love with you and no matter what anyone says, I am. 

     I met this kid yesterday after my mom punched me in the chest, his name was also Tucker. He gave me a 2 Liter of Pepsi: which i am positive had laxitive in it. I could not control my shits so, yes, i shat myself. It was disgusting and i promise you that there was no one ot anything that could have seen me do that. And if so, then who was following me around and why?

     So all in all, never trust anyone. not a stanger who thinks you are having a bad day or even you own blood. The only person that will make sure you are okay is you. Fuck the rest, and true honesty because if you believe any of that then you are dead wrong. 




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