Post II

Things that occurred to me when I hit create all those months ago are not things I thought would matter at this point. It’s been eight months since that day, but my Onlyfans journey did not start till December 6th, precisely. The only reason I can account for the exact day was because it was the day I was let go from Disney. I had free reigns.

     The control on my personal life was mine again…

     My confidence rose when I started my twitter and became comfortable posting more and more content. It was something that I did not think would happen. Who knew that I would feel better of my body just because I got nine likes and one retweet on my very first post. That’s basically the same stats I am getting now as a “Content Creator”.

     To me that is not a lot. I would think that my growth on Twitter and Onlyfans have gained, but in all honestly I don’t think I am good at this. I have one-thousand, four hundred and three followers on the little blue app, for almost two weeks I have been treading at 1,400. I want to be 1.5 by my birthday in two weeks but I have my doubts.

Not Feeling Content

It does suck thinking that you are a failure, because I am starting to think that more and more as this creator journey go on. Do I have what it takes to keep going? I want to say yet, but at this rate it’s not looking so prosperous. The few reason why I think this are main factors in being a successful Content Creator.

     When being as such a creator needs to collaborate with others. This variable helps them get noticed and bring traffic to their content as well as the other participant. I have filmed and photographed many others with me in may content, but their consent to post said items are what hinders me from posting. 

     At the time of being created, the other participants agreed and consented to me publishing. Yet, when the time comes of me putting in on the sites they back down and revoke their consent. It’a frustrating to me that one would go back on their word, but it is their personal choice for their bare body to be plastered all over the internet for just $8, and they don’t even make that, I do.

      submitted my application into Twitter to be monetized. That is where I can make money for what I am doing ion the platform. I hope people will subscribe to me once I do get it, but I am already prepping myself for the chances of my application not being approved…I submitted that about a week an d half ago, so any day now I will hear back from the gods of Twitter with my sentencing,. 

     The two things I want to accomplish if I continue creating is to have more followers/subscribers and more people to collaborate with. Those are the two things I think that are holding me back, but it could also be my lack of worth and the need to always bring myself down.      

     This post has nothing to do with my day nor about my diagnosis. All in all, it will be harder for me to work with others and film knowing that I have HIV. It’s a vital stipulation to my prominent closed accounts. All this factors into why I feel like I’m being to harsh on myself. I just do not feel like I’m amounting to anything in my life or accomplishing anything…



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