Queen of Swords



Get some perspective from the skies. What would your problems be like if you could see them from new heights?


This card represents the importance of making judgments without relying on emotion alone. The Queen of Swords beckons you to look at all the facts before making a decision. This queen does have compassion, which is why she has her hand reaching outwards in offering, but she wants to connect to people using an understanding that is intellectual.


Ace of Cups


Open your heart.

There's something new beginning, and you'll want to feel deeply every minute of the journey.


Getting the Ace of Cups upright shows that it's time to let loose of whatever emotional baggage you have and start living your life to the fullest. Like with all the other aces, there is a new beginning that is indicated here - a chance to start fresh. It might come in the form of opening yourself up to the possibilities of new relationships, romantic or otherwise, that have the ability to make you emotionally fulfilled.